Who is Johnny Somali, and why are people in Bali concerned about his arrival?

Inflammatory streamer Johnny Somali. Photo: Video screengrab
Inflammatory streamer Johnny Somali. Photo: Video screengrab

People in Bali are expressing their concern over the arrival of a controversial streamer named Johnny Somali, particularly following his recent troubling shenanigans in Japan.

Johnny Somali is a self-proclaimed former child soldier and Somalian pirate who streams his live videos on Kick. The streamer, who is reportedly Somali-American (though some dispute this and say he is actually Ethiopian), also uploads his videos on YouTube and TikTok, where he has thousands of followers and subscribers.

Johnny Somali has gained notoriety for his videos that often show him making racist comments, harassing women, mocking local cultures, and causing disturbances in public places. He has been confronted or attacked by locals for his behavior.

The streamer reportedly touched down in Bali last week, causing a considerable degree of distress on the island. To better understand why alarm bells are ringing on the Island of Gods, there’s no better place to start than in Japan, which appears to have been his last stop before Bali.


Based on his posting history, Johnny Somali was in Japan around May and June. Though he had spent a considerably longer time in Thailand before that, it was his exploits in Japan that really propelled him to infamy.

In several livestreams, he approaches women in public before harassing them and making misogynistic and racist remarks.


Johnny Somali has also taunted train passengers about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, exclaiming that “We can do [it] again.” Another passenger, who says he is Korean-American, confronts Johnny Somali and tells him to show some respect for his country.


In various clips, Johnny Somali doesn’t seem to regret any of his inflammatory actions, claiming that he thrives off his controversies and likened them to “free promo” for his online presence. He continued his reprehensible behavior even after getting apprehended by Japanese authorities due to his provocative and racist content.

He has also been assaulted in public, seemingly by people who recognize him from his antics, on at least two occasions.



Johnny Somali’s recent social media activity all but confirms that he is currently in Bali, with videos posted to Kick as recently as this morning. His arrival on the Island of the Gods last week prompted numerous messages of caution online by people who are aware of his history.

Though he has yet to cause as big a controversy as in Japan, Johnny Somali has already ruffled feathers after he live streamed a visit to a beach club in Bali, in which he converses with two men and exclaims that he is going to spread HIV on the island.

Coconuts Bali has viewed a recording of that particular stream, but copies that were distributed across social media platforms are being taken down due to what looks like copyright infringement complaints filed by Johnny Somali.

Online, Indonesians have not been the most welcoming of Johnny Somali, as netizens are urging the public to keep an eye out on the controversial streamer and report him to the authorities before he does things he will regret.

Responding to concerned netizens, the Immigration Directorate General tweeted on June 15, “Let’s go find him,” mentioning the Denpasar and Ngurah Rai Immigration offices.

Bali may be a paradise island, but we have seen recently that tolerance for tourist misbehavior is shrinking, particularly those committed by foreigners. If Johnny Somali keeps this up, it will only be a matter of time before he gets booted out of the country.


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