Warning: Magic mushrooms will send you to prison, say Bali Police

Next month marks the end of tolerance for magic mushrooms, say Bali Police. 

The psilocybin mushroom aka magic mushrooms was classified as type 1 narcotics since earlier this year, but police say they haven’t been coming down too hard on violators because a large number of the public doesn’t yet know consuming them is now criminal and could result in a prison term, reports the Jakarta Post

In fact, “shrooms,” though no longer openly advertised in the light of day, can still be found quite easily in Bali, said one unnamed magic mushroom vendor to the Jakarta Post. 

“We found several restaurants selling magic mushrooms. But as we are still promoting information on the new law, we haven’t taken them to court. We are encouraging them not to sell magic mushrooms anymore,” said Denpasar Police drug section head Comr. I Gede Ganefo, as quoted by the Jakarta Post. 

While those restaurants didn’t get in trouble, things are going to change next year, with the end of this unofficial grace period and Bali Police’s New Year’s Resolution to enforce the law. “Next month [Jan. 2015], there will be no more tolerance. If we find any people selling or consuming magic mushrooms, we will arrest them. They could face the same charges as those using marijuana and other drugs, a minimum four-year and maximum 12-year prison term,” Ganefo said.

 A long time favorite of Bali tourists, magic mushrooms used to be sold in dozens of warungs and restaurants in Bali, especially of course in Kuta. But as tempting as they can be, they are hallucinogenic and could result in death, said Ganefo, citing a case several years ago when a foreigner died after jumping off a hotel balcony post mushroom consumption. 

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