Viral: Mighty old man slings scooter on shoulder like it’s a sack of potatoes

Look, just one hand! Photo: @dede_prastiawa22 via Info Denpasar
Look, just one hand! Photo: @dede_prastiawa22 via Info Denpasar

An image going viral amongst Bali social media users shows an old man slinging an automatic scooter on his shoulder like it ain’t no thang. He’s got the motorbike on one shoulder, cushioned by what appears to be a towel or rice sack and is waving his other hand up in the air, as if to say, “Look! One hand!”.

The photo, posted two days ago to Instagram by citizen journalist site Info Denpasar, has gotten over 15,000 likes and plenty of comments marveling at the man’s strength. Info Denpasar writes the photo was shared with them by user @dede_prastiawa22.

“’Bringing Motor!’ Unique scenery at Sanur Beach, or wherever this is located. But this, old man is strong enough to lift one automatic motorbike, even though his body is so slim,” reads Info Denpasar’s caption.

The photo doesn’t seem to show apparent signs of photoshopping, but the low resolution could be hiding something. A reverse Google image search of the photo doesn’t bring up any results other than Google saying water is the “best guess” for what is pictured, so at least it’s a fresh picture!

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