US$20k raised for woman whose husband hacked her foot off with a machete in Canggu

Shots of the bloody crime scene posted to the GoFundMe page raising money for the victim (link at the bottom of the article)

Over US$20k has been raised to help cover the medical expenses of a local woman whose husband attacked her with a machete on Tuesday.

A fundraising page was set up for the victim of the gruesome assault, identified in news reports as Ni Putu Kariani, on crowdfunding site, GoFundMe. The page, launched on Thursday, has collected US$20,761 of its US$100k goal, as of writing time.

“I was shocked and horrified to hear this morning that my housekeeper and friend Putu Careen was involved in a domestic altercation a few nights ago in Canggu, which resulted in her having both of her feet sawn off with a machete, in front of her two young children, by her husband,” wrote the fundraising page’s admin, Rohan Leonardo.

While it was not immediately apparent if both of Kariani’s feet were lost by her husband’s hand, the machete assault did result in Kariani ultimately needing her left foot to be amputated at Denpasar’s Sanglah Hospital, while injuries inflicted to her right leg involve a nearly severed shin, reports Tribun Bali. Photos published of a heavily bandaged-up Kariani that seem to have been taken in an ambulance, appear her legs as being two different lengths.

Photo via Facebook

According to Leonardo, there is “no available welfare or government assistance” to help Kariani with her mounting medical costs incurred.

It was initially reported that the couple’s young child allegedly witnessed the horrific violent incident on Tuesday. Based on Leonardo’s account written on GoFundMe, the couple actually have two children who saw the whole thing unfold.

“This incident has left Putu without the ability to work to support her 2 children, pay for immediate medical treatment, prosthetic legs or obtain any kind of rehabilitation.

“All proceeds will be used for Putu’s expenses and all remaining money will be given directly to Putu to provide for herself and her children,” the fundraising page’s bio reads.

The page then goes on to describe the woman’s kind character: “If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting Putu, you would know that she is honestly one of the most genuinely kind and caring people you could ever meet. Ever since I moved to Canggu 2 years ago, Putu has helped me with everything from finding  accommodation to helping me with the local markets.

“Even making me her home remedies when I was sick with dengue fever. I struggle to see how anybody could do such a thing to such a lovely human being.”

But she has apparently remained positive in spite of it all: “I visited her in the hospital today and despite everything she has been through, she is remaining positive and is doing as well as can be expected.”

Meanwhile, the husband, Kadek Adi Waisaka Putra is facing charges carrying 10 years prison for the machete assault, Badung Police Superintendent Yudith Hananta told Kumparan on Thursday.

It’s alleged it’s that Putra was jealous and had accused his wife of cheating on him—which clearly even if the claims weren’t unfounded would be no appropriate response to the situation.

Apparently feeling remorse for his actions right after, Putra put his wife on the back of his motorbike and drove her to Balimed Clinic Canggu. Police arrested Putra not long after.

The couple’s children are reportedly being sent to their grandmother’s home in Singaraja, North Bali, but will undergo counseling services, said Putu Rianingsih, head of Bali Province’s child protection services.

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