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Coconuts Bali Urban development

Bali is fast developing as the island panders towards its hungry tourism industry. With the island’s capital set at Denpasar in the center, the biggest city in Bali houses all political activity and much of the commercial activity in Bali. Meanwhile, in the south, urbanization seems to be spreading at an unstoppable rate from the airport in Tuban. Almost all the way from Uluwatu up to Canggu feels like a never-ending sprawl. With all the traffic jams and sometimes shoddy construction, you get the feeling that South Bali, especially, is developing faster than the island can properly keep up with. However, on a social level, Bali is certainly one of the more progressive areas of the archipelago nation. With loads of exposure to international tourists and business and welcoming Hindus occupying the dominant religion, Bali just feels much more open than the rest of the country. But don’t get ahead of yourself, Bali is still very in touch with its strong traditional culture and there can be much more conservative, traditional thinking outside of international zones like Kuta.

70-meter sinkhole halts access in Gianyar

The road that served as the gateway to tourism in Gianyar has plunged to a depth of 70 meters, leaving a hole spanning over 30 meters wide, which has caused a major disruption to access routes leading to Tampaksiring.


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