Two Indonesian women arrested with enough drugs to supply a small village

Dealers Ni Putu Sugiastini (39) and Novianti (31) with their confiscated drugs stash. Photo via Denpasar Viral.

Police seized 313 grams of meth and 504 ecstasy pills from a known a duo of female drug peddlers after catching them in the act in Denpasar on Monday night.

Working together with Bali Police’s Counter Transnational Organized Crime Task Force, Denpasar Police used local tip-offs to catch offenders Ni Putu Sugiastini (39) and Novianti (31) from Buleleng and Bekasi, West Java, respectively, at a drugs bust on Monday evening, Bali Post reports.

Suspects were spotted riding a Honda Vario, registration DK 4046 QQ, down Jl. Mahendradatta at around 8pm on the night in question. After making a pit stop in a nearby parking area to conduct their nightly transactions, they were ambushed by police and a quantity of drugs were confiscated on the spot. “Novianti was arrested without resistance,” explained an unnamed source talking to Nusa Bali. The Javanese dealer’s unlucky accomplice was incriminated via a tweet, according to the source.

On searching Sugiastini’s home, a boarding house near Jl. Pulau Moyo in Denpasar, forces reportedly uncovered an impressive narcotics stash that included wallets of green and pink ecstasy pills, numerous packets of MDMA, various pipettes and a bong. Both ladies were immediately taken into police custody for further questioning. Bali police are still investigating potential sources for the two female dealers.

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