Tragic paragliding mishap claims life of South Korean traveler in Pecatu

Shin Jooseob, 57, a South Korean national, was found dead on Bulgari Beach in Pecatu in a paragliding accident on Sept. 1, 2023. Photo: Obtained.
Shin Jooseob, 57, a South Korean national, was found dead on Bulgari Beach in Pecatu in a paragliding accident on Sept. 1, 2023. Photo: Obtained.

South Korean tourist Shin Jooseob lost his life in a paragliding accident, authorities said, which unfolded at the picturesque Bulgari Beach in Bali’s Pecatu Village over the weekend. 

Reports say the incident occurred at approximately 6:30pm last Friday.

“So far we have only questioned four witnesses,” said James I.S. Rajagukguk, Head of the Sub-Directorate of Legal Enforcement of the Bali Police’s Air and Water Police Directorate, as quoted by DetikBali.

James has been cautious not to jump to conclusions prematurely, emphasizing that a comprehensive assessment of possible negligence will be made during the course of the investigation. 

“We cannot conclude at this time; it is still under investigation,” he stated.

The 57-year-old’s lifeless body was discovered on Bulgari Beach the following afternoon with his parachute entwined around him. Local news outlets reported that Shin was not a novice when it came to paragliding. In fact, he was a professional paraglider who frequented the skies.

James shed light on Shin’s expertise in the field, explaining that the victim had received an intermediate professional license from South Korea.

Shin’s dedication to the sport was evident as he had brought his personal paragliding equipment all the way from his home country instead of borrowing or renting them locally.

Despite his proficiency, it is worth noting that Shin was not a paragliding athlete but rather an enthusiast who found solace and thrill in the sport.

Separately, Asgaf Ahmad Umar, Chairman of Paragliding Indonesia, has also taken the initiative to investigate the incident further, not only to comprehend the events leading to Shin’s tragic demise but also to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

Asgaf has emphasized the importance of weather conditions and local coordination in ensuring safe paragliding activities. While Bali generally offers a safe environment for paragliding, understanding and adapting to local weather, especially wind conditions, is crucial. 

Additionally, paragliding pilots are required to work in tandem with local paragliding associations to guarantee safety and enhance the overall paragliding experience.

Shin’s death was the second recent case involving foreign tourists who met their tragic end while participating in adventure sports in Bali. Two weeks ago, Kikuchi Satoshi, 60, a Japanese tourist who was on a family vacation in Benoa, was killed after falling from a flying fish ride.


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