Traditional healers to get special counters at Bali hospitals: Governor

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Shamans will have a place at hospitals in Bali, says the island’s governor, Wayan Koster.

Special counters will be opened for balian, or traditional, spiritual healers, and massage therapists as a treatment option at public and private hospitals, Koster announced on Wednesday.

In Hindu-dominated Bali, balian are believed by many to tap into divine energy channels to heal various ailments.

“We will make an association first so that there is no malpractice and the SOP is made so that there is a code of ethics,” Koster said on Wednesday at an event with the Bali Executive Alliance of Student Bodies (BEM se-Bali).

At yesterday’s event, Koster himself shared his own anecdote of visiting several doctors not being able to treat him, but claims that a visit to the balian improved his condition.

“They must be empowered. Do not underestimate their benefits, their talents. Later there will be a list of databases,” Koster said, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

Since taking office just two months ago, Koster has appealed strongly towards traditional Balinese culture and heritage, issuing  Governor Decree No. 79/2018, regarding customary Balinese dress. The decree has Balinese donning traditional wear every Thursday, full moon (Purnama Day), new moon (Tilem Day), on the anniversary of Bali Province, regency anniversary days, and city anniversaries. He’s also decreed the use of traditional Balinese script in public facilities.

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