Sologamy: Abuse survivor ‘marries’ herself in Bali, same woman of ‘From Call Girl to Love Counsellor’

Emmajane Love opens up about marrying herself in Bali. Photo: Instagram @ejlovepriestess
Emmajane Love opens up about marrying herself in Bali. Photo: Instagram @ejlovepriestess

A New Zealand woman has tied knot—with herself—in Bali as way to “recover” from abusive relationships.

Emmajane Love, the same woman who publicly “came out” as an escort and then was featured in a Yahoo profile “From Call Girl to Love Counsellor” earlier this year, married herself in Bali this past Valentine’s Day and is now encouraging others to take the same big step—if it feels right.

The 33-year-old Gold Coast resident told Australian morning talk show Studio 10 this week that her marriage was the ultimate act of “self-love” after a lengthy journey of about five years and she’s working on teaching others how to embrace sologamy.

“I really made this commitment to put me first and get rid of the concept that I have to be married, and then I’ll feel complete and feel whole,” said the woman, who refers to herself as a “love priestess.”

If you’re wondering, yes, there was a ring and vows involved!

“I definitely feel more whole and more complete and more like I’m not looking outside of myself for happiness,” she explained.

“Do you feel different and are you now involved like with meeting other people or do you want to stay single first, or faithful to yourself?” asked one of the interviewers.

“I feel whole, more complete,” Love responded.

But that said, Love says she is still “totally open” to meeting someone.

Acting as a celebrant now, Love says she uses her experience as a relationship coach to take women on retreats to Bali and conduct rituals of their own so “they can commit to themselves.”

“Sometimes we just don’t think it’s okay to love ourselves, but I always teach that we need to love, even the parts we don’t think are lovable, that people have made wrong or that we’ve made wrong.

“And when we find the love within us, then it’s always reflected back out to the world and we attract people who can love and value and honor us.”

Bali is opening my heart so much this trip, it is ripping it open! Words cannot really describe the healing and magic that that has happened since I’ve been here and I still have another 10 days! Bali is always so healing for me, each time taking me on a deeper journey. Giving me exactly what I need for this time in my life. This is why I loved running my retreat here. I said would only do one, but after how incredible the last one went, it looks like I may have to do more! Who else is open to having their heart healed in Bali? I am currently integrating all the healing and then I will share with you all 💗🙏 #Bali #womensretreat #healing #tantra #tantrika #tantraretreat #tantraworkshop #priestess #sexcoach #sexualhealing #lovehealing #relationshipcoach #ilovebali #balihealing #ubudretreat #ubudbali #silentretreat #goddess #embodiedwoman #soulfulwoman #kundalini #kundaliniactivation #balihealing #healinginbali #baliwaterfalls #highpriestess

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