Singaporean couple allegedly robbed, injured and harassed in Bali, police say investigation is underway

Photo illustration / Pixabay
Photo illustration / Pixabay

The police are investigating the alleged robbery and harassment of a Singaporean couple during their four-day vacation to Bali.

Police commissioner Wayan Arta Ariawan from Denpasar Police confirmed that an investigation into the matter is currently underway.

“We are conducting an investigation,” Wayan said, as quoted by Bali Post.

Eugene Aathar and Dolly Ho detailed their horrifying experience in a Straits Times article and their story picked up by several Indonesian media outlets as well. The Singaporean couple has already returned to their home country, which they attributed to having bought travel insurance before their trip.

The incident took place in the early hours of Monday, as Eugene Aathar and Dolly Ho were making their way back to their villa on a scooter. According to their account of events, Ho was navigating with her phone when two men on a motorcycle rode up to their side, snatched her phone away and then kicked the couple off their scooter.

They said a local man soon approached them, seemingly with the intention of helping, but instead stole their scooter, which they had rented from the place they were staying at. To make matters worse, Aathar said they had cash amounting to around IDR 12 million on the scooter.

The two managed to get a ride to a local hospital, Aathar reportedly sustained minor injuries from falling off the bike, while Ho fractured her shoulder and suffered a minor concussion.

When they returned to the villa, Aathar claimed that the staff harassed them and demanded IDR 250 million (USD 17,296) for the lost scooter and only stopped after they were paid IDR 12 million (USD 830).

However, according to a report by Tribun-Bali, a representative from the villa claimed they had not asked the Singaporean couple to pay IDR 250 million.

“Before they rented (the motorbike), they’d signed an agreement that detailed their responsibilities if there was damage or loss and stated that the renter agreed to provide compensation, whether to fix whatever’s damaged or to pay the amount of the bike if it was lost,” the representative was quoted as saying.

“We did not ask for IDR 250 million. I checked at the time that the price of a new scooter (of that type) ranged between IDR 21 million (USD 1,452) and IDR 25 million (USD 1,729),” the unnamed rep added, explaining that the amount they’d demanded was to guarantee that the guests would be responsible in taking care of the matter.

While the stolen scooter has yet to be located, the representative said that if it was found they would return the money that was paid to them by Aathar and Ho.

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