‘Shrooming Belarusian tourist kicked out from Bali boarding house for being ‘disruptive’: official

Satpol PP Badung apprehended the man last night. Photo: Satpol PP Badung via Kumparan
Satpol PP Badung apprehended the man last night. Photo: Satpol PP Badung via Kumparan

The Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) in Badung apprehended a Belarusian man yesterday after he was kicked out from his boarding house in Kuta for allegedly creating a disturbance under the influence of magic mushrooms. 

The foreigner, a 33-year-old man identified by his initials VL, has recently been disruptive at his place of stay, where he was living for several months, according to a report from Kompas.

The boarding house manager kicked VL out of the facility last night, which led to an argument between them, with VL saying that he wants his rent money returned. The manager refused, leading VL to begin shouting and disrupting local residents. Satpol PP then reportedly apprehended him. 

I Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara, who heads Satpol PP Badung, said they suspect VL of having consumed illegal drugs. 

“He’s being treated at Sanglah General Hospital. During questioning, it looked like he was still high from magic mushrooms. His breath smelled,” Suryanegara said, as quoted by Kompas. 

Magic mushrooms, a type of recreational drug that has long been popular among Bali tourists, generally grow on decomposing cow dung and are classified as Class 1 narcotics, the same category as meth and marijuana, under Indonesia’s notoriously harsh drug laws. 

Suryanegara told Kumparan that VL will be escorted to immigration today. It is not immediately clear if VL will be criminally charged for consuming magic mushrooms, as Satpol PP said that immigration has the authority to take over the case

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