Resident doctor tests positive for COVID-19 in East Java after practicing at Bali hospital

Sanglah Geneeral Hospital. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Sanglah Geneeral Hospital. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A resident doctor from Airlangga University in Surabaya, who practiced for about two weeks at Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar, has tested positive for COVID-19, fueling concerns that he might have been infected with the novel coronavirus while on the island. 

I Ketut Suarjaya, chief of Bali Health Agency, confirmed the latest report today. 

“Yes, that is true,” Suarjaya told Kumparan

“We have conducted contact tracing, we’re still calculating. That’s all the information [we have],” he added. 

It is not immediately known which ward the doctor had been assigned to during his time at Sanglah, only that he was on duty at the hospital from March 2 to 15. 

According to reports, the doctor is currently being treated at Dr. Soetomo General Hospital in Surabaya, and may have been the one additional case from East Java announced just yesterday, though this has not yet been confirmed. 

As of Friday afternoon, Bali has four confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, up by three from the day before. This includes a 53-year-old British woman identified as Case 25 in Indonesia, who died from the viral disease on March 11. 

The Indonesian government has confirmed a total of 369 positive COVID-19 cases in the country, 32 of whom have died from the viral disease. 

Note: The story has been updated to reflect the latest official data on COVID-19 cases from the Indonesian government, per Friday afternoon. 

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