Real count reflects quick count as Jokowi currently leads Prabowo 55-45 in General Election Commission’s tally

Photo: @Jokowi / Instagram
Photo: @Jokowi / Instagram

We won’t get the official tally by the General Election Commission (KPU) for last Wednesday’s presidential election until May 22 at the latest, but already we can see that their real count tally is likely going to reflect the quick count results by independent poll groups — all of which projected a comfortable victory for President Joko Widodo over his challenger Prabowo Subianto.

The real count tally, which is being updated in real time and is being made available to the public on KPU’s official website, puts Jokowi ahead of Prabowo 54.84% to 45.16%. As of 10:45 am today, the KPU has tabulated votes from 120,204 from the available 813,350 voting stations in Indonesia and abroad, accounting for 14.7% of the total number of voting stations.

In terms of actual numbers, Jokowi currently has 12,578,728 votes to Prabowo’s 10,317,447. There were close to 193 million registered voters for last Wednesday’s election, and pollsters predicted an amazing 80% turnout rate, meaning around 154 million people voted.


The data also reveals which regions each candidate is leading in. In Jakarta, Jokowi has so far edged out Prabowo 660,826 votes to 583,978 votes, and the incumbent also has huge leads in Central Java and East Java. Meanwhile, Prabowo is leading Jokowi in West Sumatra and West Java, among others.

You can view KPU’s real count tally in real time here:

Prabowo, who lost to Jokowi in 2014, has all but officially lost this year’s presidential election as well, with independent pollsters putting the incumbent ahead by around 55% to 45%. Prabowo has claimed victory based on his campaign’s internal exit polling, which supposedly has him winning 62% of the votes, and attacked the quick count pollsters’ data as flawed and biased.

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