Prosecutors demand 12 years for French national accused of child rape

Photo: Istimewa via Kumparan
Photo: Istimewa via Kumparan

A 53-year-old French national accused of sexual abuse against a minor is undergoing trial in Bali, with prosecutors in the case demanding a 12-year prison sentence for the defendant. 

The defendant, identified as EAPM, was alleged to have raped a minor as many as 10 times since 2017. The crimes reportedly took place when the victim slept over at the former’s home. 

Not only are the victim friends with EAPM’s child, the defendant himself is also reportedly friends with the victim’s father. 

The case came to light last September, when the 12-year-old victim was allegedly assaulted during a visit to the Bali Wake Park in Denpasar. According to reports, the victim’s father noticed his son going into the changing room and then followed by EAPM not long after, raising his suspicions. 

“[What the father saw] inside the toilet was the child standing with his pants down to his knees, while the defendant was kneeling right in front of him,” prosecutors previously said.

The father filed a police report soon after, and police managed to gather enough evidence to process the case. According to reports, EAPM had threatened the victim to keep the abuse a secret and promised him gifts. 

A medical examination also showed bruises in the victim’s anus which resulted from a blunt object, leading to suspicion that the victim had been raped. 

Under Indonesian law, sexual assault on minors carries a maximum 15-year prison sentence.

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