Police disclose chronology of events leading to Amokrane Sabet’s death, officer stabbed 8 times before Sabet shot repeatedly

Police efforts to arrest a notorious Canggu resident turned deadly as violence erupted. 

Resisting arrest, French national Amokrane Sabet reportedly stabbed one police officer to death, before police shot him down on site. Sabet reportedly stabbed the police officer eight times in the neck, chest, and thigh, while 15 shots total were understood to have been fired at him in response. 

Describing the chronology of events that unfolded this morning, Bali’s highest ranking police official, Bali Police Chief Insp. Gen. Sugeng Priyanto told local media that warning shots were fired first. 

“One of our members died when the French man stabbed him with a knife. We then shot him (Sabet) dead after our warning shots were ignored,” Priyanto said, as quoted by Tribun Bali

In a graphic video going viral of the incident, 15 shots are apparently heard going off as the video shows police taking Sabet out, and telling their shooter, “udah, udah, udah, stop, stop!” as shots are repeatedly fired into his body, strewn on the street.

Priyanto said police had gone to take Sabet into custody earlier because of mounting complaints about his dangerous and threatening behavior from the surrounding community. 

Police say Sabet came out of his house in Berawa, carrying a knife, when officers showed up. 

“When attempting to pick him up, the offender was carrying a sharp weapon, a knife, and resisted police,” Priyanto said. 

Determined to resist arrest, Sabet then fatally attacked police officer Anak Agung Putu Sudiarta (Sudi), 39, reportedly stabbing him eight times in the neck, chest, and thigh. 

“The offender was living in Bali for approximately two years. And the whole time, he would often make trouble, not paying at restaurants and saying to people, ‘I kill you, fuck you,’ and other rude words,” Priyanto said. 

Priyanto added that before the incident, police had previously coordinated with the French Consulate General—but things have been silent so far on the consulate’s end. 

Many stories were told about Sabet. Some said he was a menace. Many said he desperately needed mental healthcare. We will never know what was going through his mind in those final moments. This is truly tragic for all involved.

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