Police in Bali raise flag at half mast for officers killed in Depok prison riot

Illustration. Photo: Flickr

Police in Bali are raising the Indonesian Merah Putih, red and white national flag, at half mast to mourn the five officers killed at the Depok prison riot this week.

In Bali’s Klungkung Regency, police held a ceremony on Friday to honor the fallen officers, said Klungkung Police Chief Supt. Bambang Tertianto.

“By raising the red and white flag halfway, Klungkung Police is signaling the mourning for the loss of our brothers who died carrying out their duties,” Tertianto said, as quoted by Kumparan.

The flag will stay at half mast for the next week.

Violence erupted in Depok, just outside of Jakarta, at the Mobile Brigage (Brimob) Command Detention Center (Mako Brimob) on Tuesday evening, resulting in the deaths of five police officers and an inmate.

ISIS has since claimed responsibility for the riot, which included a shootout between inmates and counterterrorism officers after inmates broke into the detention center’s ammunition room, but Indonesian authorities have said it was a food fight that sparked the clash.

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