‘Nekat’ Traveler: Chinese man faces trial in Bali after entering Indonesia without a passport

Photo illustration of passports. Photo: Pixabay
Photo illustration of passports. Photo: Pixabay

Stories of tourists traveling abroad with expiring passports or visas are certainly not unheard of, but it’s probably not as common to hear of foreigners visiting other countries with neither. 

If the latter just sounds like the most impossible thing to happen in this day and age, a case involving one 45-year-old Chinese man, identified as Dacheng Yan by local media, is showing us otherwise. 

“Defendant Dacheng Yan, who is a foreign national from China, does not possess valid travel documents and visa,” prosecutor I Made Lovi Pusnawan said at the Denpasar District Court yesterday, as quoted by Detik. 

According to reports, Yan managed to enter Indonesia by riding a motorcycle to Pontianak, West Kalimantan, from Sabah, Malaysia. His choice of land transportation apparently allowed him to elude immigration officers, and he continued his journey in the archipelago by hopping on a ship headed to Surabaya, East Java before moving on to visit Denpasar.

It is not immediately clear how he traveled to Malaysia in the first place or how he was able to evade being seen at the border control, though Kumparan did report that Yan is from China’s province of Hebei.

Yan has reportedly spent a few days on the island when he decided to scale the wall of the Chinese Consulate-General in Denpasar on Sept. 14, for which he was detained by security guards. 

“And then on Tuesday, Sept. 17, [Yan] was handed over by the Chinese Consulate-General in Denpasar to the Class 1 Immigration Office in Denpasar,” Lovi said. 

“After further investigation, it was found that he entered Indonesia without travel documents or a valid visa, and was never screened by any immigration officer.” 

Various local media outlets have described Yan as “nekat,” an Indonesian word used to describe recklessness.

Under Indonesia’s 2011 Immigration law, Yan faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of IDR500 million (US$35,676).

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