Menstrual Facial: Swedish blogger self medicates with period blood in Ubud

Photos: Instagram/@maxinnebjork
Photos: Instagram/@maxinnebjork

A Swedish blogger gave herself a “menstrual facial” and naturally, posted a provocative picture of the result.

Of course, the photo’s location was tagged in Bali’s new-age, hippie magnet Ubud, of all places.

“Conscious blogger” Maxinne Björk posted a selfie one week ago of herself to her 54k followers, slathered in what she claims to be her own period blood. Leaning nude against a white wall, with her nipples blurred out (community standards, after all), blood can be clearly seen smudged across the woman’s face chest, and stomach.

Garnering over 4,400 likes in the past week, Björk has since turned off comments for the controversial period blood photo.


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What could have compelled her to cover herself in her own menstrual discharge? The Swede explains her thought-process in the photo’s caption. She says that she had been having a “productive and super fun day,” but was overcome with emotion when she got home. So, after some deep breathing, she all of a sudden “felt a strong urge to cover myself in my life-giving fluids as a woman,” she wrote.

A sort of emotional, self-medication, if you will.

“So without really thinking of why or anything else, I just did. Smudged it out all over my body and then rolled around naked on the grass in my garden all covered in my menstrual blood. Smelled the earth and started crying intensely. Both from happiness and sadness. After some crying I started laughing instead. I’m so happy to have my mum in my life, we both help each other to get through some rollercoasters. The family situation we are in right now is just very draining. But thats life. And exactly how it is suppose to be in this moment. Accept and love,” she concluded.

Bjork took the opportunity to address all the hate she got in a post following the menstrual shot, saying that it’s “so interesting how people can’t accept that we all are different and have different views about life. Im not telling people to think like me, but with my actions I want to express to people to listen to their hearts, and do what feels right for them even though it doesn’t fit the norm.”

She also addressed the trolls: “And bad comments that I’m mentally sick doesn’t really affect me. Maybe I am? But oh my, how great it feels to be mentally disturbed then, I love my life!”

That didn’t stop netizens from chiming in: 

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Coconuts Bali has reached out to Björk for comment and is awaiting a response.

Björk isn’t the first influencer to lather herself up thick in period blood. Self-proclaimed Australian “blood witch” Yazmina Jade shocked the internet and shared footage of herself rubbing her discharge all over her face to break down the taboo on menstruation.

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