Mengwi Police investigate foreign couple’s sex on the beach clip

The Mengwi Police are investigating a clip of two foreigners having sex on a beach that was circulated online. Photo: Screengrab.
The Mengwi Police are investigating a clip of two foreigners having sex on a beach that was circulated online. Photo: Screengrab.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Or in this case, don’t have sex on a public beach in Bali — opening yourself up (no pun intended) to being recorded by creeps and seeing your XXX clip posted online — if you don’t want the authorities to catch more than just a glimpse of your butt. 

In yet another episode of Foreigners Do the Darndest Things in Bali, a video of a couple – both foreigners – getting hot and bothered circulated amongst locals mainly via WhatsApp. 

While the caption of the video reportedly said that the “hot” scene occurred on Pererenan Beach, Mengwi Police Chief I Nyoman Darsana said that upon investigation, it seemed that it did not happen there at all.

“We already investigated [the location of the video]. According to perbekel [village chief] and pecalang [traditional security officers], it didn’t happen in Pererenan, just the captions that said [so],” Darsana said today.

The clip reportedly lasted more than two minutes, during which two foreigners are enjoying sex on a beach in the evening. Locals reportedly saw the hot action and recorded the moment.

There were two people who recorded the sex scene and, in Balinese, they spoke to each other and said that they intended to report the foreigners to pecalang for their arrest. 

“The video itself was not clear [in terms of location] as it was dark,” said Darsana, adding that the police are now looking into who was the first person who posted the clip online.

Separately, Pererenan Village’s perbekel Nyoman Sumartana said that he would coordinate with the authorities to investigate the case.

“We leave it to the police to look into the case,” he said, adding that village officials  were pretty sure that the video was not taken in Pererenan because, unlike what it was shown in the clip, the waves on Pererenan Beach were usually bigger.

Under the draconian Indonesian Law on Pornography, people who distribute pornographic content may face up to 12 years in prison. There have been precedents of foreigners in Bali whose intimate content leaked online, and they were generally either deported or left the country before the authorities could catch them.

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