ISIS hoax: High school principal says the 2 students were smart, above-average, normal teens

The two high school students in Denpasar who fabricated a letter from ISIS, threatening terror upon their school, were actually good students and pretty normal teens, says their high school principal. 

“These kids were smart. They never did anything and don’t have disciplinary records,” SMAN 1 Denpasar headmaster Nyoman Purnajaya said on Thursday, as quoted by Tribun Bali

Purnajaya even claims the two 16-year-old students who are now identified by initials PCM and PATK (was previously listed as PAKP in reports) have an IQ level above 130—which we find a bit dubious and believe he was probably just exaggerating to make a point. 

Either way, according to him, the two students never previously showed any troublesome behavior. 

Though the police have said they believe the students only posted the letter as a prank and don’t see the students as likely ISIS militants, they have still taken the teens into custody for further investigation. 

The high school has not yet handed down sanctions on the two students—they are waiting for the word from the police first, Purnajaya said. 

The letter, put up on the wall of the teacher’s lounge on Wednesday had a heading in Arabic characters and the body text in Indonesian read: “We ISIS, are already at SMANSA, ready to devastate you with an attack. We are not afraid to die, GOD IS GREAT!”.

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