Investigation underway after French tourist reports sexual harassment at Bali homestay

Illustration. Photo: Flickr
Illustration. Photo: Flickr

A French tourist identified as MF has reported to police in Bangli that she was sexually harassed at a homestay. The victim claims that she was subjected to the unwanted advances of an employee at the accommodation, identified as EL.

Bangli Police Crime Investigation Unit Chief Ngakan Gede Eka Yuana Putr said over the weekend that they have launched a probe into the matter.

“We have initiated a thorough inquiry into the matter since June 1, and we are hopeful to swiftly identify the suspect,” he said on Saturday as quoted by Detik. 

According to reports, the incident unfolded as MF slumbered in her room at a quaint guesthouse located in Songan, Kintamani on May 30 evening time. She was jolted awake by the presence of an unfamiliar man lying right beside her. 

Startled and alarmed, the 25-year-old traveler alleged that EL proceeded to touch her inappropriately. Determined to fend him off, MF summoned her energy and valiantly fought back, successfully forcing the homestay employee to retreat.

Ngakan shed light on the incident, recounting how the events transpired. 

“The victim, MF, retired to her room and went to sleep. It was during this time that the alleged perpetrator, EL, made his move, having surreptitiously followed her,” Ngakan disclosed.

MF promptly reported the harrowing encounter to the Bangli Police on June 1. Her account to the authorities painted a horrifying picture, suggesting that she narrowly escaped a potential rape by EL.

As the investigation unfolds, Ngakan emphasized the importance of collecting substantial evidence and statements from witnesses. The authorities aim to ascertain whether EL’s lewd actions amounted to an attempted rape or if they would fall under a different category. 

“The alleged perpetrator has been in our custody, questioned, and has admitted to his deeds,” Ngakan explained, adding that the authorities are awaiting the results of EL’s medical examination to progress the case further.

To the police, EL said that he was drunk during the incident and claimed that he, MF, and other guests of the homestay were all drinking together beforehand.


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