Insta photo of bikini-clad woman ignorantly posing on Balinese temple incites shitstorm of angry comments

A photo posted to Instagram then later shared to Facebook on Friday morning of a young bikini-clad woman doing downward facing dog across the door to a Balinese temple has provoked a shitstrom of angry comments on social media.

Some comments have been somewhat “constructive”, urging the woman to take the photo down and educate herself about why her photo is so utterly disrespectful, while others have been downright threatening and hateful. 

Not only is she using the temple as a mere prop in her photo, many commenters pointed out, but her lack of clothing is totally inappropriate for wearing to temple.

Temples are sacred ground where Balinese Hindus practice modesty and cover up to pray at (occasions which call for putting a sarong on!). She wouldn’t climb on the walls of a mosque or church and do this there (we hope), so it sure ain’t right to pose nearly-naked on a temple. 

This photo is amazingly disrespectful and shows a great ignorance of Balinese culture and religious practices, so it surely deserves criticism for that. BUT, let’s hope people chill with the death threats and sexist remarks she’s been getting—because that’s surely not in line with Bali’s gracefully natured Hinduism either. 


Editor’s Note: We have removed the original, unblurred photo since this article was first published. 

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