Indonesian pair sentenced to 15 years for killing Dutchman in Jimbaran

The scene of the crime.

Two Indonesian defendants have been sentenced to 15 years in Denpasar District Court over the murder of a Dutchman in Bali’s quiet Jimbaran area.

Winda Wilantara, 23, and Andika Budiyanto, were found guilty in court on Thursday of the premeditated murder of elderly Dutch national Robert Goelhoed.

The panel of judges, lead by Ketut Suarta, handed down a more lenient sentence than the prosecutor’s demand of 18 years.

“We sentence the defendants to 15 years imprisonment,” said Suarta, as quoted by Kumparan.

The defendants along with the prosecutors both have one week to decide whether or not they accept the sentence or will move for appeal.

The expat was killed by Wilantara and Budiyanto on Oct. 26, 2017 on Jl. Ambon in the Puri Gading housing complex area of Jimbaran, the court previously heard in the defendants’ indictment.

The pair made a plan to kill Goelhoed the previous day on Oct. 25, 2017 while staying at a condotel belonging to the victim on Jl. Dewi Sri in Legian. In addition to killing the victim, the defendants also stole from the Dutchman, including two cars.

It all went down after the victim allegedly asked the two defendants to perform a sexual act in his bathroom, the court heard.

With assistance from Budiyanto, Wilantara killed Goelhoed, striking him on the head with an iron  bar then proceeding to cut him with an axe until he was no longer alive, prosecutors said.

Goelhoed’s body wasn’t found until over a week later when a neighbor, walking her dog, reported a foul stench coming from the house.

Wilantara was later arrested on Nov. 7 in Lampung, Sumatra, while police tracked Budiyanto down on Nov. 9 at the home of his parents in Bogor, West Java.

Violent crimes are not common in Bali, but a Japanese couple was actually killed in the same neighborhood, Puri Gading, last year, in what was ruled to have been a burglary gone wrong. The perpetrator got 15 years prison.

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