Indonesian military deserter would use his old uniform to help get away with stealing motorbikes in Bali

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A former Indonesian soldier who had deserted the army, would dress up in his old uniform to help him get away with stealing motorbikes in Bali.

Lombok man, Adiarta, was arrested in the early of hours of Oct. 20, Denpasar Police Chief Hadi Purnomo told reporters on Monday.

Purnomo said they were able to catch Adiarta based on tips from the public, that the serial motorbike thief was residing in Kediri, Tabanan.

“We were aware of his existence, then monitored the movement of the suspect. The suspect was impersonating a military officer,” Purnomo said, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

Police hunted Adiarta down to his boardinghouse in Tabanan then chased him to Sunset Road where they were able to apprehend him.

“We arrested I’m for the action of theft. The suspect’s mode was very disturbing, wearing a military uniform,”

“Of course this is an insult to the Indonesian military. Because the suspect is no longer a member of the military,” Purnomo added, confirming that Adiarta was a deserter.

Adiarta was found to have committed theft on multiple occasions in the popular tourist areas of Seminyak and Kuta.

Police are deepening their investigation into Adiarta after the man’s arrests, says Purnomo.

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