Greed and Glamor: Beauty store manager embezzles IDR1.3 billion for lavish lifestyle, including Bali vacations and a brand new car

Photo: Screengrab.
Photo: Screengrab.

F, a former manager of a beauty store in Serang, Banten, has been exposed by her employers after she allegedly embezzled a staggering IDR1.3 billion (US$83,304) in company sales over the course of two years. 

The scheme came to light after My Beauty Store 15 owner, Alfyera Alvionita, grew suspicious of depleting inventory levels despite a lack of corresponding financial returns.

“Managing the finances was very difficult; I struggled to buy inventory,” expressed Alfyera, the owner, via her Instagram account @alfyeraalvionita15, in a statement dated Monday, Nov. 6.

In response, Alfyera launched an internal investigation, mobilizing a dedicated team to scrutinize the store’s financial transactions. Every employee within the beauty store underwent an extensive audit.

The inquiry eventually led to F, who held the dual roles of store manager and administrator. She was promptly summoned to account for the glaring discrepancy in stock levels. The audit revealed that the outgoing products significantly outnumbered the incoming ones, indicating a substantial deviation.

Upon closer examination, Alfyera uncovered a disconcerting truth: F, a trusted member of her team, had been engaging in deceitful practices. F was found to have conducted unauthorized transactions outside the company’s official accounts, and subsequently pocketed the resulting sales proceeds.

“She conducted transactions outside the company’s account, failed to input products into the data, manipulated the existing computer data, and deleted chats with reseller members who had already placed orders,” divulged Alfyera in her TikTok account.

Alfyera reportedly found CCTV footage of F conducting her crimes. 

In response, Alfyera promptly instructed F to provide the bank statements. This crucial step in the investigation led to the revelation of the exact amount that had been siphoned into F’s possession. 

Alfyera meticulously documented that, over the course of two years, her once-trusted subordinate had unlawfully diverted sales proceeds totaling IDR1.3 billion (US$83,304).

“The data we obtained from the cash-flow statement of the bank account from 2022 to 2023 was so shocking that F was able to do something like this. As for the cash that F has spent, we cannot find strong evidence of how much,” elucidated Alfyera.

Insights from individuals close to Alfyera suggest that F consistently utilized the embezzled funds for extravagant trips to Bali, lavish purchases of high-end merchandise, and stays in opulent 5-star hotels. F also reportedly bought a brand new car.

“Before she was found out, she always talked about having a very generous boyfriend and a very kind stepfather who could provide for her and her family’s luxurious lifestyle,” Alfyera revealed.

“This issue serves as a lesson for me not to become complacent regarding financial matters and not to trust others completely,” she concluded.

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