Gianyar Police identify housing developer as suspect in deadly Batubulan landslide

Torrential downpours caused a family home to collapse into Gianyar’s Tiyis River on Dec. 8. Photo via Denpasar Viral

The wet season rains have brought a plague of mudslides to Bali, causing traffic delays, extensive damage to property, and worse.

On December 8, a mother and her three children were killed when a mudslide caused their home in Batubulan, Gianyar, to collapse into the river below.

According to a report by Bali Tribun, the father, the only family member to survive the accident, is still undergoing treatment in intensive care.

After several weeks of investigation, the Gianyar Regional Police Criminal Investigation Unit have confirmed that the developer, I Gede Wiryawan, is the main suspect in the case.

Talking to Kumparan, Gianyar Police Criminal Investigator Deni Septiawan said that he had examined nine witnesses in the investigation, including neighbors, initial landowners and housing developers.

Septiawan revealed that the land in question had previously been affected by mudslides, yet despite the plot’s location, perched ten meters above the Tiyis River, the developed still chose to build there.

Wiryawan faces a maximum of one year imprisonment or a maximum fine of IDR 50 million (US$3,550).

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