Fire destroys popular Bali boutique and upper-floor apartment in central Seminyak

Fire blazes through Magali Pascal in one of Bali’s busiest shopping areas. Photo: Facebook/Info Badung

The Magali Pascal boutique on Jl. Seminyak burned down last night after a fire, apparently triggered by a short circuit, broke out in the apartment above. Thankfully, there were no human casualties, though material losses are estimated to be worth IDR2 billion (US$142,254) according to a report in local-language news portal Bali Post.

Raw footage from @denpasarviral shows flames engulfing the burning building, which is just south of the popular Balinese eatery, Made’s Warung.

Just before the blaze erupted at around 8:30pm, resident I Made Atmaja, 35, reported a power outage, followed closely by the sound of an explosion coming from the second floor. “After I heard it, I tried to find the source of the explosion, but there was too much smoke,” said Atmaja to Tribun Bali. Despite his efforts to extinguish the flames himself with bucket-loads of water, the flames continued to grow.

Emergency services were called in by Atmaja’s neighbor, and firefighters arrived at the scene at around 8:45pm. According to Bali Post, 15 fire trucks were deployed, and they managed to extinguish the fire by 9:20pm.

At this stage, it is suspected that sparks caused from a short circuit on the second floor caused the accident.

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