Disturbed foreigner runs amok and damages iconic Bali statue, allegedly bites police officer

Photo: Instagram/@satpolpp_denpasar
Photo: Instagram/@satpolpp_denpasar

A foreign woman went berserk and damaged the iconic Catur Muka statue in Bali’s capital city of Bali on Saturday morning. In a viral video, the woman can be seen climbing the 9-meter tall statue while carrying a helmet. When people call on her to get down, she screams at them and tells them to go away.

Her antics caused extensive damage to the statue, which situated in front of the Denpasar Mayor’s Office. Police say the women broke 10 out of the statue’s 16 brass lotus petal ornaments, with some becoming loose, chipped or being broken off completely. Other embellishments and the statue’s fountain pipes were also damaged.

The foreigner allegedly went on a rampage again after being asked for ID, which she didn’t possess, by Denpasar’s Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP). Denpasar Police Chief Dewa Gede Anom Sayoga said she was being uncooperative and even went so far as to bite an officer’s leg.

“She was singing and raging when we asked her, we had difficulties communicating with her and she could be potentially dangerous [to us],” Dewa Sayoga said on Saturday, as quoted by Bali Post

Denpasar’s Satpol PP cooperated with local authorities to bring her to Bali provincial psychiatric hospital in Bangli. The director of the hospital, Dewa Gde Basudewa, said the woman was 48 years old and identified her as Simon Clen.

“She claimed she was from Germany,” Basudewa said, as quoted by Suar.

Clen’s condition has reportedly gotten better. According to the hospital staff, she told them that she had joined a two-week yoga camp at a resort located in a Buleleng village. While she was there, she claimed to hear “whispers” that ordered her to go to Ubud.

She said she really went to Ubud with a motorbike, but as soon as she arrived, she became disoriented and heard another whisper. This time, it ordered her to make the long walk to Renon, Denpasar’s affluent business district which she got to with blistered feet.

“The ‘whisper’ she heard during that time was more like hallucinations,” Basudewa said.

Clen also mentioned that she still couldn’t remember how long and where she has been staying in Bali before joining the yoga camp. Basudewa added that authorities would track down her yoga camp in Buleleng and contact the consulate of Germany in Denpasar to get her assistance.

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