Denpasar man dead, allegedly from headphones short circuiting while phone charging

A man in Ubung, Denpasar was reportedly found dead in his room with a blue chest on Monday. 

Sony Prasetya, 31, is believed by medical examiners to have died after his headphones short-circuited—he had apparently been using his headphones while his phone was plugged into the wall, charging. 

West Denpasar Police Chief Wisnu Wardana said there was no indication of violence on Prasetya’s body. 

“Earphones were still inside the victim’s ears. The charger cable was still connected to the electricity,” Wardana said on Tuesday, as quoted by VIVA News

The police chief says they are still waiting on approval from Prasetya’s family to conduct an autopsy at Sanglah Hospital. 

But based on an external examination alone, Dr. Dudut Rustyadi of Sanglah’s forensics department says the wounds on Prasetya’s body appear to be from electric shock and there was a burn wound on the victim’s chest about the size of his mobile phone. Rustyadi also said there were signs of suffocation. 

According to Rustyadi, the electricity from the charger to the phone likely disrupted the victim’s heart rhythm, though we would say it’s better to wait for autopsy results than to jump too quickly to any conclusions. 

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