Chinese Police thank Bali law enforcement for busting over a hundred Chinese nationals on cyber fraud

Chinese cyber fraud suspects get marched in front of press photographers after their arrest on May 1, 2018. Photo via Info Badung

Chinese police have been expressing their appreciation to Bali Police for uncovering an online fraud scheme involving over a hundred Chinese nationals.

Bali Police made one sizable bust earlier this month, arresting 103 alleged Chinese fraudsters at a house in Mengwi.

Speaking from Bali Police headquarters on Wednesday, police from the two different forces seemed chummy, emphasizing the importance of teamwork moving forward.

Cyber fraud has become one of the most loathed crimes that Chinese Police have to deal with, says Tianjin Provincial Police Criminal Investigation Director, Yang Jin Bi.

“We would like to thank the Bali Police Criminal Investigation Unit that helped Chinese Police by working day and night to uncover the online fraud cases. Once we finish collecting evidence, the suspects will be brought to China to undergo the legal process there,” Yang said in Bali on Wednesday, as quoted by Kumparan.

“They’ve changed their modus operandi by finding a new location, namely in Southeast Asia,” said Yang.

Yang says he hopes Chinese and Indonesian police can continue to work together in the future to keep on nabbing Chinese cyber criminals.

“Let’s build a closer relationship of cooperation and have good teamwork in combating transnational crime in order to maintain the security, comfort, and safety of the community,” Yang said.

On behalf of Bali Police, Brig. I Wayan Sunartha said he hopes they can tackle more than just cyber crime.

“Cooperation not only on the cyber crime issue, but also to continue to fight against drugs and human trafficking,” he said.

Sunartha added that since Chinese make up the leading supply of foreign tourists to Bali, immigration must closely monitor Chinese coming in on tourist visas.

“We are currently intensively controlling tourism administration, especially the misuse of visas,” Sunartha said.

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