Cars always crash into the rice paddy on the Canggu shortcut so people are making a book about it, naturally

Another day passes in Bali, another picture of a tipped car on “the shortcut” hits the Canggu Community Facebook group. 

The curb-less road weaving through rice paddies connecting Berawa and Batu Bolong is a painfully narrow path indeed, definitely not meant for heavy traffic, no less traffic flowing two-ways. 

And when there are cars coming from opposite directions, it’s a game of chicken and you know someone is probably going to end up going over the side of the road into some poor farmer’s sawah (rice paddy). 


A photo posted by ayu @guguidebali (@ayugitadewi) on

Given the frequency of these ridiculous accidents, which happen to make for tragically laughable photos, it was only a matter of time before someone would curate all the most viral images into a collection. 


A photo posted by Canngu Community (@canggucommunity) on


A photo posted by Canngu Community (@canggucommunity) on

Apparently entitled “Shortcut Fails”, the upcoming book is a “Canggu Community photo project” inviting Canggu-sters to submit their most aesthetically pleasing pics of shortcut crashes for publishing. 

We’re sure their final project will grace the coffee tables of cafes around the Gu. 


A photo posted by Canngu Community (@canggucommunity) on

Let’s hope this book somehow invites change in the community. We’ve heard bountiful talk of road repairs and private landowners cutting off the shortcut’s access, but it seems no matter how much repair efforts go down, or no matter how many times the road gets closed, it always opens in the end and is the site of yet another eye-catching accident. 


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