Burger-selling Englishman arrested, again, for causing a scene at Bali Bombing Memorial, again

An Englishman who went viral for selling halal burgers in Kuta was arrested by the immigration officers on Dec. 13, 2022. Photo: Screengrab.
An Englishman who went viral for selling halal burgers in Kuta was arrested by the immigration officers on Dec. 13, 2022. Photo: Screengrab.

An Englishman who recently became a viral sensation for selling burgers out of a cart that he attached to a motorbike has been arrested, yet again.

Tyler Delorean was apprehended by Immigration police last week in Kuta for selling cheap halal beef and cheeseburgers in violation of his visa. He was later released from custody and immigration officials said they were planning to deport him but were waiting until the Denpasar Police processed his previous case.

That case involves Delorean’s antics on Oct. 12, when hundreds of mourners gathered at the Ground Zero Bali Bombing Memorial to mark the 20th anniversary of the tragedy. During the memorial, he disrupted the proceedings by handing out pamphlets and shouting conspiracy theories about the bombings. Police arrested him for causing a disturbance and confiscated his passport before releasing him.

Ngurah Rai Immigration Intelligence and Law Enforcer Head Yoga Aria Prakoso Wardoyo said that Delorean was detained yet again after his burger cart caused yet another scene at the Bali Bombing Memorial.

“His reason for selling [burgers] is to make ends meet. We moved him to [our] immigration detention center so that he does not have to find ways to make a living,” Wardoyo said.

Complaints toward Delorean were raised after he reportedly set up a tent in the famous tourist area of Poppies Lane and became a burger vendor. His action reportedly caused traffic jams around the area. 

In a clip that was uploaded last weekend to @melalibali, a local community’s TikTok account, Delorean said he has been in Bali for a month and that he wants to go home to England – where he says he has a wife and three children – but he is in a “weird situation. 

“I don’t know the situation. All I know is that I don’t have a passport, I don’t know when the court cases, I don’t have any money,” he said, adding that he sold the burgers simply because he needed to eat as he did not have a passport or money.

“No one’s going to stop me eating,” he said.

“Just would be nice if I stop getting a comment ‘go home!’, yeah? Because they don’t know the situation,” he added.

@melalibali Replying to @:ice_cube:Ice Teh Poci:ice_cube: Mr @tydelorean ♬ suara asli – Melali Bali

Delorean seems to have won some sympathy from Indonesian netizens, with some of them leaving comments on his own TikTok account wishing him the best – to which he thanked them. The @melalibali admin also sympathized with him – likening his situation to that of Tom Hanks’ character in The Terminal.

We did some digging and, based on foreign media outlets such as The Daily Mail and The Telegraph, it would appear Delorean is a Cornishman who claims to be the son of automobile mogul John Delorean but whose real name is actually Benjamin Granger.

Earlier this year, Granger, still posing as Tyler Delorean, was banned by a court from selling “futuristic” three-wheelers (meant to evoke the famous time-traveling Delorean from Back To The Future) using the brand name Delorean. 

Delorean’s TikTok bio mentions that he is the son of John Delorean.

Coconuts has reached out to Delorean for further clarification from his side.

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