Bali’s ‘Biggest-Ever Beach Clean Up’ clears an estimated 40 tons of garbage from across the island

Trash gets cleared at South Bali’s Kedonganan Beach. Photo: Instagram via Bye Bye Plastic Bags

The Bali Green School students powering the group Bye Bye Plastic Bags (BBPB) seem to have made Bali history, throwing the island’s “biggest-ever” beach cleanup on Sunday.

The campaign, dubbed “One Island, One Voice,” urged around Bali to go to their local beach and help pick up rubbish lining the shore. A task that’s no small order, given all the trash that piles up on the island’s shores, a problem that’s multiplied during rainy season.

Working with a number of Bali-based organizations, the campaign was able to recruit an estimated 12,000 people to participate and collect 40 tons of garbage across 55 locations around the island, according to a social media post by BBPB.

And where does all that rubbish go? Waste management company Bali Eco Recycle played a part in sustainably processing a portion of the trash collected, while artists from Repal Pallets are working on converting some of the waste into art, BBPB posted to Instagram.

A formidable job! Now keep that momentum going.

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