Balinese couple allegedly caught red-handed stealing hundreds of ducklings

40-year-old I Wayan Artana and 44-year-old Ni Nengah Widnyani were caught by residents of Tabanan’s Bongan village in early May as they were stealing ducklings. Photo: Polres Tabanan / Facebook

Usually, stories about couples in secret adulterous affairs end in jealousy and angry recriminations. But in the case of this Balinese couple, ducklings may be the cause of their ultimate downfall.

According to a report by Tribun-Bali, authorities say 40-year-old I Wayan Artana and 44-year-old Ni Nengah Widnyani worked together to steal hundreds of ducklings in Tabanan’s Bongan village since April.

Police say that it was the couple’s second and last attempt at ducknapping in early May that led to their arrest. They say the couple felt compelled to steal because they were struggling to make ends meet financially. To make matters a little more interesting, according to a report from Bali Post, Widnyani had secretly left her husband and had been dating Wayan Artana for the past two years.

“They planned to steal from a local in Bongan village. The suspect jumped over the cage fence to fetch the ducks, which he later handed over to the female suspect who was waiting with a sack,” said I Nyoman Artadana of the Tabanan police, as quoted by Bali Post.

The owner of the ducklings claims to have lost over a hundred of the baby birds since last month and says he has suffered financial losses of IDR 6.5 million (USD 451). With the help of his neighbors, he had been on high alert against further attempts at ducknapping. So when Wayan and Widnyani came back for the second time, the village residents were ready to catch them in the act.

Under Indonesia’s criminal code, the two suspects could face up to seven years in prison for theft of property.

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