Bali Police work on sketch of suspect in Brimbob officer assault at Ayana

Photo: Pixabay

Police are working on a sketch of a man allegedly responsible for the assault on a Brimob officer earlier this week in Jimbaran at the upscale Ayana Resort.

“The face sketch of the perpetrator has been made and is being dispersed immediately. The facial characteristics are based on CCTV footage analysis. Our officers have also examined five witnesses,” Bali Police Chief Insp. Gen. Petrus Reinhard Golose said on Thursday, as quoted by Bali Post.

Mobile Brigade Unit Brigadier Bagus Suda Suwarna was found battered and unconscious on Monday at a parking garage on the grounds of the 90-hectare Ayana Resort where he had been assigned. A security guard found Suwarna on the ground, with his AK-101 rifle missing, along with a magazine containing three blank bullets and 27 rubber bullets.

Suwarna, now reportedly in stable condition, has said he was approached by three men, apparently foreigners in the garage, though suffering from memory loss, he cannot say for sure whether these men are responsible for attacking him and made off with his weapon, reports Bali Post.

CCTV did not record the violent incident, but the three alleged foreigners were seen on footage at the garage, on two automatic scooters, police previously said.

While police had been hesitant to say whether not there was an element of terrorism in Monday’s assault, Golose is now saying the case was not related to terrorism and that he believes theft was the motive of the perpetrators.

Editor’s Note: Despite initial reports that the police chief had confirmed the sketch, police later said they have yet to release an official rendering and are still working out the profile. This article has since been edited to reflect this update.

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