Bali man killed by falling durian

A man in Tabanan, Bali is believed to have been killed by a falling durian.

Tubuh I Made Kusman was found lying down in a durian orchard by his brother, who desperately tried to wake him up, but did not succeed, reports Tribun Bali

The 65-year-old reportedly had a head wound and there was a big durian lying beside him. This evidence has lead police to blame the durian as Kusman’s untimely cause of death. 

Those things are heavy and spikey, so we could totally imagine how a falling durian could be lethal. 

“Residents in this village are used to going around without any head gear, so he did not have anything protecting his head,” local Pupuan police chief I Wayan Sidin told Tribun Bali. 

Kusman’s family had been worried about him after he had been missing since leaving for the garden on Wednesday afternoon. Now they know why he never returned. 

Sadly, this is not the first report of falling durians allegedly killing people. A man in Jembrana allegedly died in January from a durian that is believed to have hit his head. It’s called the king of fruits for a reason. 

Illustration: Flickr

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