Bali ‘immigration slapper’ spars with security in viral video, Brit detained and case still being processed: Immigration

Left: Viral footage of British national Auj-e Taqaddas slapping a Bali immigration officer. Photos on right: Stills taken from viral footage of what appears to be the same woman, nicknamed by netizens as “Dora the Explorer,” as she brawls with security outside a hotel in Legian.

A British national, who infamously slapped an Indonesian immigration officer in Bali this past July, has resurfaced on the web, as several videos, apparently of the same woman have gone viral over the weekend.

Three videos uploaded to the group Canggu Community by Facebook user “Chandra Wood” show the woman screaming at staff and security at a hotel, apparently in Legian. In one of the videos, the hostile woman—who netizens have nicknamed ‘Dora the Explorer’— grabs a chair and a broom and charges a security officer, who spars back with a tool of his own, possibly a broom handle.

“Guess who’s back ? Haha wonder why she’s still here after what she’s done,” reads the post accompanying the videos, which have been shared over 500 times, as of publishing time.

Even though the videos were upload on Oct. 20, Indonesian Immigration suspects they were recorded before the slapping incident on July 28, 2018.

As it’s been previously reported, Lahore-born British national Auj-e Taqaddas, 43, slapped an immigration officer at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport because she was mad that she was asked to pay a hefty fine when she overstayed her Indonesian visitor’s visa by months. And the slapping incident was captured on camera.

Directorate General of Immigration spokesman Theodorus Simarmata says that Taqaddas is not free at the moment and is still being detained.

“Since last July, the British national has been detained and is undergoing the judicial process,” Theodorus told Kumparan on Sunday.

The videos were probably recorded before Taqaddas was arrested and detained, says Theodorus.

Meanwhile, Bali Police spokesman Hengky Widjaja said the Taqaddas case is currently still being prepped for court.

“The plan is Tuesday (Oct. 23), that it will enter the second phase. Namely the suspect and evidence will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office,” said Widjaja.

According to Widjaja, Taqaddas’s case is being handled by the Ngurah Rai Airport Police Station. The British national was charged under Article 212 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, regarding an attack on an officer of the law, which carries a maximum prison term of one year.

Since she’s earned viral notoriety, Taqaddas has stated that she was aware that she had overstayed her visitor’s visa to Indonesia and claims she contacted immigration to ask for help, but never got any response.

“I often asked immigration. I have sent emails related to the overstay for the solution, so I can get out. Likewise, I sent to Jakarta immigration, but there was no response. No one gave me any information,” Kumparan quoted Taqaddas as saying in Denpasar District Court on Aug. 3, when submitting evidence.

An email written by the woman, dated July 8, 2018, addressed to immigration public relations, reportedly acknowledged that she had overstayed, but that she could not afford to pay a penalty of IDR42 million (US$2,765). She offered IDR6 million (US$395) and said immigration could prohibit her from returning to Indonesian, reports Kumparan.

As for the immigration officer who got the slapping? Things worked out pretty well for Adriansyah, who was recognized with an award from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Kanwil Kemenkumham) Bali Province Office on Aug. 17 for his calm composure during the whole incident.

“We gave an award to Adriansyah because when carrying out his duties at Ngurah Rai Immigration, he received unpleasant treatment, being slapped by a British tourist. But he was patient and not emotional as he served the foreigner,” Maryoto Sumadi, head of the Kanwil Kemenkumham said on Aug. 17, as quoted by Antara Bali.

“(Adriansyah) is a pioneer in providing excellent service according to standard operating procedure (SOP),” Maryoto said.

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