Bali nightclub sealed shut after 21 guests and staff rounded up in raid

Bibir Music Club was shut down after police raided the place on Sunday, July 16, 2017. The club was apparently in a residential area. Photo: Facebook

Police have sealed off a seedy nightclub in Bali after a raid uncovered narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and a lack of proper business documentation, at the scene, early on Sunday morning.

A total of 223 officers flooded the place in a joint operation between Bali Police’s intel, patrol, criminal investigation, and narcotics detective units, raiding West Denpasar’s ‘Bibir Music Club’ on Sunday, reports Merdeka.

Located on Jl. Pulau Demak in apparently what’s a fairly residential area, the sketch nightclub has long been complained about by the local community, say police. With opening hours from 2am to 10am, the club has been thought to be a nest of drug trafficking.

During Sunday’s operation, all people at the club, including security, were examined by officers.

As a result, 21 people, both guests and employees were reportedly herded in Bali Police headquarters for urine testing within no more than 45 minutes from the start of the raid.

Police say they confiscated evidence in the form of pills, used rolling papers, methamphetamine, a bong, a “sharp weapon”, a number of soft gun cartridges, and DJ gear.

A police line has been set up around the club, effectively sealing shut the business, which apparently turned out to be operating without proper licensing documents.

It also turns out that the club’s early morning operating hours were in violation of business regulations, according to Bali Police spokesman Heng Widjaja.

The club will be closed until further notice, says Widjaja.

Under leadership of Bali Police Chief Petrus Golose, the province sure seems to be trying to clean things up in Bali’s capital city this year. The club’s closure comes after another, much bigger Denpasar nightclub, Akasaka, was shut down in June when police found Rp 10 billion worth of ecstasy pills on the premises. 

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