Bali authorities ‘ban’ Uber app under pressure from taxi drivers

An angry of swarm of Bali taxi drivers protested against transport-service-provider apps Uber and GrabTaxi yesterday in front of the DPRD. 

Looks like their complaints were heard and they bullied their way to success, now that Tempo is reporting Bali’s provincial government through the Transportation Service has officially banned Uber’s operations on the island—though Tempo’s report did not mention if the ban went for GrabTaxi too.

The ban apparently already went into effect yesterday after the government had talks with the regional transport organization (organda), the police, and Bali Freelance Drivers Association, and Uber and GrabTaxi representatives. 

Head of Land Transportation Division of Bali Transportation Service Standly Suwandhi explained some of the reasoning behind the ban is that Uber’s operations are similar to conventional taxis but they are not held to the same standards. For instance, they do not have a tourism permit like other public transportation companies. 

Suwandhi says the ban will be enforced firmly if Uber drivers are still operating. 

Uber Bali though seems to be tight-lipped on the ban and doesn’t appear to have yet made any statement on the matter. Perhaps they’re hoping they can turn things around? Tempo reported that they could not get much out of Uber Taxi representative in Bali Dimas Dwinovanto Putra, just that Uber is dealing with the matter. 

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