At least 2 Indonesians arrested for making crass comments about sunken submarine

Screengrabs: Facebook
Screengrabs: Facebook

Though the internet has always been rife with uncivilized behavior, crass comments made about the tragic sinking of the KRI Nanggala-402 submarine have led to the arrest of at least two Indonesians recently, as the country mourns the loss of the vessel’s 53 crew members. 

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A North Sumatra man identified as IK was reportedly taken to the district military command (Koramil) for a lewd comment he wrote under a Facebook post on the submarine. 

“The moment your submarine sunk, that’s when I will have sex with your wife,” IK wrote, screenshots of which have since circulated widely online to the outrage of netizens across the country. 

IK later claimed that his account had been hacked, though he also wrote an apology on Facebook where he promised not to reoffend. In a photo uploaded alongside the apology, a man, believed to be IK, can be seen crying as he is seated on a chair, while a man dressed in military uniform stood next to him. It does not appear that IK is facing criminal charges. 

Meanwhile, a police officer from Sleman, Yogyakarta, identified by his initials FI, was also arrested after an outrageously inappropriate comment on Facebook. 

“Die you, fucker. I have lived a difficult life in Indonesia until now… why are you crying over crew members of this ship… just take care of your own stuff,” FI wrote under a post on KRI Nanggala-402. 

Chief of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim), Agus Andrianto, confirmed that FI is a police officer, and has been named a suspect in an ongoing investigation. In addition, FI is also set to undergo an ethics trial.



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