After mating with a cow, bull kills owner in Jembrana in suspected post-coital rage

File photo of a cattle for illustration purposes. Photo: Unsplash.
File photo of a cattle for illustration purposes. Photo: Unsplash.

A farmer in Jembrana tragically died at the horns of his own bull, who flew into a rage after mating with a cow, officials said.

Reports say that I Nengah Weta, 68, was rushed to a hospital on Tuesday at around 3:30pm after an incident at his farm in Batuagung Village. 

Jembrana Police Chief I Putu Budi Santika said yesterday that Nengah’s wife, Sayu Kade Suenteri, found her husband lying motionless at their farm after calling out to him multiple times but received no answer

Nengah’s bull, which has black fur and long horns, was standing near Nengah. It is believed that the bull headbutted Nengah in a rage.

Nengah was pronounced dead not long after getting medical attention at the hospital. He sustained severe injuries, particularly to his skull and chest. 

“The bull that belonged to the victim is suspected to have gone into a rage after a mating session with Nengah’s cow,” said Putu Budi.

According to his family, Nengah would usually check on his cattle at the farm at 7am and return home by 2pm.

Separately, Jembrana Agriculture and Food Agency Head I Wayan Widarsa said that the bull did not show any symptoms of illness such as rabies or mad cow disease.

“It is suspected that the bull went on a rampage because he was being moved around from one cage to the other and possibly was not given food on time,” he said.

The official added that the bull was likely stressed from spiking testosterone levels after having gone without mating for more than one month prior to the incident.

“Currently, the bull is in a normal and calm mood. We have given directions to cattle owners on how to properly handle bulls,” Widarsa said.

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