9-year-old’s death in Klungkung, Bali allegedly from rabies

Rabies is the chief suspect as the cause of death of a little boy in Klungkung, Bali. 

Nine-year-old AA Gede Arimbawa from Banjarangkan breathed his last breath on March 7, around 5 am at Klungkung Public Hospital, according to Tribun Bali

The fourth grader is suspected to have rabies after experiencing common symptoms of the virus, like hydrophobia (aversion to water), fever, and convulsions. 

He is believed to have contracted rabies when bit by a dog two months ago while he was playing outside. 

Rabies has been an ongoing problem in Bali with its unhealthy stray dog population. Last year, 15 deaths linked to the disease were recorded. Local government has pledged money to the research and development of a new rabies vaccine, but it’s also been known to carry out controversial dog culling. 

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