5 Bali Police officers reported to internal affairs after shooting underage suspect during arrest

Illustration. Photo: Pixabay

Five officers serving in the Criminal Investigation Unit of Bali Police have been reported to Bali Police’s Internal Affairs (Propam) for alleged unethical and unprofessional behavior while carrying out their duties.

The parents of EGL, a 17-year-old mugging suspect, brought the case to Propam on Thursday a couple of months after their son was shot in the leg whilst under arrest, reports local paper Tribun Bali

In Indonesia, it’s not uncommon for police to shoot fleeing (or ‘uncooperative’) suspects in the leg.

‘But have the police no humanity, shooting a 17-year-old?’ argues the suspect’s mother,  Kostafina Ludia Marantika.

Marantika was accompanied by a representative from the LBH Woman Crisis Center, an NGO that fights for gender equality and the protection of rights of women and children in Bali.

EGL was shot when trying to flee the crime scene. The shooting was in the Jimbaran area near his parents’ house on March 23, 2017, according to reports. However, local news reports have failed to mention how badly the suspect was injured as a result of the shot to the leg. 

The misconduct report to Propam is questioning what kind of shooting procedure police have pertaining to minors and what falls in accordance with the juvenile justice system.

EGL is currently facing trial in juvenile court over eight alleged muggings in Denpasar and Badung.

Police have said that they shot EGL in the leg when he tried to evade arrest. 

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