Twitter kween Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s chill yet extra Bali getaway

Chrissy Teigen looking radiant AF, Bali-stye, with daughter Luna. PHOTO: Instagram/Chrissy Teigen

Actress, model, author, and all-around Twitter badass Chrissy Teigen and husband R&B legend John Legend (yep, we said it) just posted photos of their recent family getaway in Bali and we are in love!

The couple brought their daughter Luna and they all looked pretty normal (yes, just like the rest of us on family vacay) and yet really extra at the same time.

We mean, look at this perfect couple right here:

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Chrissy — channeling her inner royalty — also posed for a photo with Luna:

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John also posted several photos with adorable Luna. Here she is swimming under daddy’s supervision:

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Gushing about his family:

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And this one’s captioned “Last day in Bali!” while carrying Luna in peak-daddy fashion:

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So now you know how to have a low key yet super extra Bali getaway. Keep on slaying, Chrissy, John, and Luna!

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