Limp Bizkit announces performance at Bali’s 2018 Soundrenaline music festival

Limp Bizkit in action. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Limp Bizkit in action. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Limp Bizkit will be one the big acts of this year’s Soundrenaline festival in Bali.

Fred Durst (who is now 47, FYI!) and friends are slated to play on September 9 at GWK during the annual Indonesian live music festival.

The American “rap rock” (or nu metal, depending on who you ask) group made the announcement last week on its Instagram page.

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Making their debut in the ’90s and experiencing massive success in the decade with hit albums like Three Dollar Bill Y’all, Significant Other, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, Limp Bizkit is no stranger to fame.

The band kind of fell off the radar after that, as the “rap rock” genre declined and the temporary departure of guitarist Wes Borland kicked off a four-year hiatus for Limp Bizkit, starting in 2005.

But apparently they’re now making a comeback, with Durst still sometimes wearing a red cap and the guitarist dressing up with masks and costumes — as they did in the band’s glory days. That, and actually coming back to perform live at shows such as Soundrenaline in Bali.

We’re back!!!

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Soundrenaline is Indonesia’s biggest music festival, which usually boasts a pretty comprehensive lineup of local artists, with some of the country’s most famous bands across a variety of genres. Headliners, however, are often international and are usually bands that have experienced big success (years ago). Previous headliners have included Simple Plan, Wolfmother, and JET.

Aside from Soundrenaline, for A-list acts slated for the remainder of 2018, Bali will see the likes of Halsey and Fergie putting on much anticipated shows at the Manarari Beach House in Nusa Dua and the Mulia, respectively.

It was just announced earlier this month that 1D gone solo pretty boy Liam Payne and DJ legend Mark Ronson (who played a killer set in Bali back in 2016 at Sunny Side Up Fest) will also be taking the stage at the same Mulia Rapture party with Fergie.

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