Indonesian netizens welcome Lindsay Lohan to Bali even though she doesn’t know how to spell ‘Seminyak’

A selfie Lohan posted at Bali’s Seseh Beach Villas the last time she was publicly in Bali, in 2016.

Netizens in Indonesia seem thrilled that Lindsay Lohan may be in Bali.

The ambiguously Muslim American celebrity posted a video of Bali’s green rice paddies earlier this week and received fanfare from Indonesian fans who commented things like “Welcome to Bali,” “Welcome to Indonesia,” and Arabic greeting, “Ahlan wasahlan.”

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It’s not clear if this video was recorded during another trip when ‘LiLo’ came to Bali or if it’s fresh footage, but one thing’s for certain: The Mean Girls star has no idea how to spell Seminyak, which after Kuta, is Bali’s biggest, most famous beachside area amongst tourists. No “c”, please.

Lohan came to Bali in November 2016, apparently to work on her new book and get some sun. She posted a photo of herself lying in the grass at Seseh Beach Villas, among other shots on the island which have all since been delated from her account when she wiped her Instagram clean in January 2017, leaving only her profile picture and the Arabic greeting ‘Alaikum salam’ in the description–which is what caused so many to speculate about her possible conversion. 

Other than to make progress on her memoir, the trip was apparently an escape after pissing off a town in England, and going viral for her new odd accent.

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