Dojo and Hubud coworking spaces are joining forces from March onwards

Dojo coworking space, Canggu. Photo: @dojobali/
Dojo coworking space, Canggu. Photo: @dojobali/

As of March 1, two of Bali’s most beloved co-working venues, Dojo and Hubud, will merge under Dojo founder Michael Craig — and it’s a move that’ll likely please visitors of both spaces, since members of either one will be able to go between the two locations and use both Dojo and Hubud’s facilities at no extra cost.

Hubud, dubbed a “bamboo haven for big ideas,” located on Ubud’s main thoroughfare of Jl. Monkey Forest, kicked off the island’s co-working craze as Bali’s very first facility of its type. Lonely Planet even listed it as “one of the best workspaces worldwide.”

The Loft, an event space at Hubud. Photo: Hubud

Stunning architectural design aside, the space is outfitted with super speedy internet, beautiful meeting rooms, member seminars, a range of indoor and outdoor workspace options, and beanbag seating — for those with that very particular skill of balancing a laptop whilst reclining at a 45-degree angle.

Dojo followed suit with a similar set up, but in a completely different area of the island, a minute’s walk away from Canggu’s famed Echo Beach. It quickly became a hub for Bali’s growing population of digital nomads and entrepreneurs, promoting a philosophy of what it calls “conscious coworking,” and offering facilities that include a cool cafe, laid-back workspaces, air-conditioned meeting rooms, an events space, and a pool surrounded by (once again) those all-important beanbags.

As of March 1, Hubud’s founders will be stepping down from active management as they relocate to London. Michael Craig (of Dojo) will be taking on the task of merging the two facilities, and opening members of both up to the various programs, resources and community groups offered by each respective co-working space.

Craig also says that the prices at Hubud will be brought down to mirror those of Dojo — another bit of happy news for the freelancing, digital nomad-ing types around town.

Word on the street says that this merger may be a response to Hubud’s Ubud rival, Outpost, having extended its operations to include a second location in Canggu last year, where members can access both branches in two of Bali’s most favorited spots for digital nomads. We’re just glad to see that the co-working community looks like it’s going strong.

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