The Coconuts Guide to the 2nd Minikino Film Week

Minikino Film Week is fast approaching in Bali, promising to deliver a full-bodied range of short films from around the globe.

Back for its second year, the festival’s 2016 theme is “Your Healthy Dose of Shorts.” Careful not to OD with all the options slated for the film fest. As many as 253 shorts will be screened across 11 different venues in Bali during the week of Oct. 8 to 15 – for free!

With the shorts largely coming out of Indonesia and Southeast Asia, the film week is certainly attracting the country’s growing creative community of artists and thinkers, especially those based in Bali. Venues are spread across Denpasar, Ubud, Gianyar, and Sukawati and shorts are grouped together for screening based on a variety of categories.

FYI, all films screened by Minikino will have English subtitles.

To give you a quick head start, here are some shorts we’re looking forward to.


Sinampura (Apologize)
dir. I Putu Oka Sudarsana | 2015 | 11:00 | Doc.

In a rare and sacred ceremony Wraspati Kalpa in Pura (Temple) Nataran, Br. Belang Sembung Village, Mengwi-Bali, there are few acts committed by the villagers that are displeasing for the Gods.

Mingg/Sun 9, 20:30, DESA JEMELUK
Sen/Mon 10, 20:30, APOTEK VIVA GENERIK
Rab/Wed 12, 20:00, RUMAH FILM SANG KARSA

Pelangi di Tepian Samudra
Mukhlas Syah Walad and Fuad Ridzqi | Aceh | 2014 | 15:11

This short, made by two university students, explores diversity across ethnic, cultural, and religious lines in Aceh, Sumatra’s northernmost province.

Minggu/Sun 9, 19:00, APOTEK VIVA GENERIK


dir. Wicitra Pradnyaratih | 2015 | 2:25

A visualization of the different public opinions in response to the controversial Benoa Bay reclamation—basically the biggest, most troubling issue facing Bali today. This silent animation is designed without tone or sound, just a collage of different images. It is not a form of rejection or support for the reclamation project, but merely an expression of collective public opinion about the local culture and the economic growth.

Sab/Sat 8, 19:15, DESA TULAMBEN
Mingg/Sun 9, 19:15, DESA JEMELUK
Kam/Thu 13, 18:30, OMAH APIK


Setelah Kita Bicara
dir. Fazrie Permana | Jakarta | 2015 | 5:23

A newly wed couple have never discussed their sexual life. The wife is fearful after listening to friends gossiping about an unfaithful husband infected by HIV-AIDS. Their relationship is threatened until finally the couple talks about it. The director’s explanation behind the short makes us want to see it even more:  “I want to talk about women’s sexual rights that are still considered taboo in Indonesia. As simple as refusing to have intercourse if the wife does not feel safe.”

Sab/Sat 8, 17:00, IRAMA INDAH Mingg/Sun 9, 20:00, OMAH APIK


dir. Andy Saputra | MINDSET Pictures | 2015 | 7:11

Traffic culture in the city (anything with Indonesian police as the subject matter should be interesting).



Indonesia di Heningku
Nugraha | Semarang | 2015 | 14:57

A story about Indonesia’s Independence Day: August 17, 1945.

Sel/Tue 11, 18:30, OMAH APIK


The Ecofin Documentary
dir. FiveOceans | Australia & Indonesia, 2015 | 12:00

In this vibrant doc,  two young innovators prove their mission to turn the waste from Bali’s beaches into the first sustainable surfboard fin. From surf to stoke!

Kam/Thu 13, 20:00, OMAH APIK Jum/Fri 14, 17:00


Skeleton Sea – The Tides of Tomorrow 
dir. Mauritz Brekke Solberg | Norway | 2016 | 25:00

João and Xandi clean beaches and create stunning artworks out of the trash.

Kam/Thu 13, 20:00, OMAH APIK Jum/Fri 14, 17:00


Djinns, Les Espirits de Patras (Djinss, The Spirits of Patras) 
dir. Jean-Jacques Cunnac | France | 2015 | 13:40

Wahid and Morteza, among fifty other Afghans, fled to Italy in hope of a better life.

Sab/Sat 15, 14:00, IRAMA INDAH

See the program catalogue for full detailed listings of films and venues. Seriously, there’s so many amazing shorts to choose from, no way could we list them all!

Coconuts Bali is Media Partners with Minikino Film Week.

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