5 fun things to do during a rainy day in Bali

Rainy days in Bali don’t have to be blue. Photo: Pixabay
Rainy days in Bali don’t have to be blue. Photo: Pixabay

Bali is not always about sun-drenched beaches and outdoor activities. Even though sometimes it might not seem like it when checking out photos of the tropical island, Bali has a wet season, which can catch those not appropriately prepared, unawares. And with changing global weather patterns, it’s not always easy to predict when it’ll be raining in Bali. So, from the affordable to the more extravagant, below are a few activities to enjoy while waiting for the clouds to pass.

Bend your mind at a’ trick museum’

Make the most of Bali’s torrential downpours by stocking up on some whacky photos at the Dream Museum Zone in Kuta, a collection of 120 or so interactive murals that can be viewed in three dimensions once photographed. The trick museum’s life size backdrops are divided into 14 different themes, such as Egypt, Safari, Renaissance, Jurassic Park, 18+ Area, and, of course, Indonesia. Visitors can have their photos taken in front of the archipelago’s famous Prambanan temple, shaving Van Gogh’s face, gliding down a mountain on a snowboard or climbing a precipitous cliff.

Lihat lah kebawah Jangan selalu melihat keatas #3d #dreamzonebali #wisatabali

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Dream Museum Zone
Jl. Nakula 33x

Defy gravity and get ‘upside down’

Continuing the photography theme, Upside Down World Bali offers a snap-worthy collection of “rooms” with furniture and décor that is, well, upside down. Visitors can strike their gravity-defyingceiling walking or climbing the walls is a big thing hereposes in a variety of every day settings, such as a laundry, kitchen and dining room. The highlight of the whacky experience is the 90-degree Balinese room, which is filled with antiques and striking wooden carvings. Two of the rooms also feature three-dimensional art. 


Upside Down World Bali
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No.762
Pemogan, Denpasar

Test your wits at an ‘Escape Room’

There is no better place in Bali to give rain the flick while testing your wits than Totem Escape Room. Designed for teams of between two and eight, reality room escape involves solving puzzles and following clues to break out of a themed setting within a set time limit. Visitors can choose from a number of intriguing rooms, and difficulty levels, including Locked in the Darkland, Egyptian Secret, Kidnapped and, for the escape experts, Mission Impossible.


Failed!! Feeling dumb

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Totem Escape Room
Jl. Kayu Aya No.27 (Near Seminyak Square, Across Starbucks)
+62 815 58222222, +62821 4560 7700

Feast your senses on a spectacular show about a Balinese legend

Based on a Balinese legend, the hour-long Bali Agung Show tells the story of a Balinese prince’s marriage to a Chinese princess, and their subsequent trials and tribulations. Mixing traditional and contemporary dance, the visually lavish show is a true feast for the senses. The extravagant spectacular features stunning costumes, state-of-the-art sound and light systems, puppets, dramatic music, as well as over 180 dancers. Even animals such as elephants and camels make an appearance (the show is staged in a 1200-seat theater on the grounds of the Bali Safari and Marine Park).

The Bali Agung Show
Bali Theatre in the Park, Bali Safari & Marine Park
Jl. Prof Ida Bagus Mantra Km, 19.8
0361-950-000, 0361-751-300

Be dazzled by a showcase of Indonesia’s rich and diverse cultures

Take a visual tour of Indonesia’s diverse cultures, from Bali and Java to Sumatra and Papua, during this 90-minute showcase of dance, aerial aerobics, dazzling costumes, as well as a host of special effects including artificial rain, fireballs and a rotating stage. While first and foremost entertaining, the extravaganza is a great introduction to the archipelago’s history and rich diversity. Depicting a story of two childrenDeva and Dhanawho wander away from a tour group to follow their own journey of discovery, the show lets the audience learn about Indonesia’s treasures along with the kids. The Devdan Show is held in a 700-seat state-of-art theater complex in Nusa Dua. 

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The Devdan Show
Bali Nusa Dua Theatre
Komplex ITDC
Nusa Dua


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