11 signs you need to get back to Bali PRONTO

Have you been away from Bali too long? Is life ‘back home’ beginning to drag and you find yourself dreaming of technicolor sunsets, fresh coconut water, and the smell of incense? Here’s our list of signs that you REALLY need to get yourself back to this amazing island.

1. The temperature drops below 24 degrees (celsius) and you find yourself shivering.

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This sort of weather is what your body is craving. Vitamin Sea!

2. You start feeling like the empty streets past 6pm look like the zombie apocalypse and you long for the bustle of Bali.

3. You can’t help thinking how much easier the work commute would be on a scooter.

Preferred transport. #balimotorbikes

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4. You realize the drivers BACK HOME are bad drivers and Balinese drivers are the ones who are highly skilled.

5. You sing “Pa-giiiii” to your neighbor in the morning and are disappointed by the strange look you get back.

Selamat pagi, bu 🙂

6. You convert everything you buy into rupiah and are shocked at the prices.

You’re no longer a millionaire when you get back home 🙁

7. Your Bali pedi is long gone and you can’t face paying western prices for another.

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8. Similarly, your neck is stiff as a board from too much work (sigh) and you can’t afford to go to the physio and NEED a $5 Bali massage.


9. The Balinese dance performance your kids learnt at the kids club has evolved to resemble something you’d see in the Monkey Forest and they really need to get back to Bali for a tuneup.

10. You mentally haggle with the checkout worker and handing over full price kills you.

11. And finally…  the everyday drag is just getting you down and you just NEED another dose of the magic, sparkle, chaos and serenity that is beautiful Bali. Hurry back!

One of the million reasons we love Bali: even on a cloudy evening you can still get a stunning, colorful sunset

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This article was originally published by Bali Kids Guide, a total guide for Bali with kids, holiday tips, reviews, currency & visa info, and more.

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